Dynamic State | 動的状態

Dynamic State | 動的状態
Hinojosa del Duque, CORDOBA. Andalusia
If there is no change, there is no transformation.
Sin cambio no hay transformación.

The only thing that does not change is death. (Stability)
Lo único estable es la muerte.

(Dynamic Stability Comin´Soon)
Estabilidad dinámica es El Eterno Retorno



Message from Earth: ALTERED EUROPE | Granada 2014 (Spain) /
Paseo de Europa

How can Earth be divided?

[ This piece does not exist any more. It has been removed by authorities, hence it can been shared now. It lasted 8 months  ]
37°0935.4N 3°3527.6W (“Active” on Google Maps)
37.159844, -3.591001