NEUROSIS & SILENCE (Street Action) | States of Mind Series


Neurosis & Silence (Street Action) | [States of Mind Series] | GRX 2014
– The Piece Evolves in 10 Steps –


AL ONE LOVE | DESERT CODE  /  (Parque Nicolas Salmeron. ALMERIA 2014) / Positive Symmetric Vibes + Altered Urban DNA = Cosmic Code

Cosmic Code is the combination between two previous investigation lines: “Positive Symmetric Vibes” based in visual pollution and the aggressive afects over people combined with Masaru Emoto´s ideas. And “Altered Urban DNA” related with the manipulation of construction materials and public space.
36°5009.1N 2°2803.6W (Active)
36.835854, -2.467667

Photo. Carlos Rueda Parra©