~ W A T E R & L I G H T ~ 水と光

~ W A T E R & L I G H T ~
Digital Watercolor Series | Organic Symmetry

Video Title. DW_0317_V1 + Video Title. DW_0118_V2

(No filters or FX has been used in this Video.)

Photography and Video Recording 03.2017 & 01.2018
Video Edition 03.2019

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マージ M E R G I N G 合併

マージ Merging 合併 | 反射 Reflections 幾點思考 | Sacromonte (Granada)

Lo Viejo y lo Nuevo se encuentran.
Old & New merges.

37°10’53.2″N 3°34’60.0″W
37.181436, -3.583319

Relativism | 相対主義 | Anekāntavāda

Relativism | 相対主義 | Anekāntavāda


Reality has no Center.
Fragmentation creates the different points of view.

Abandoned House. Easy Access.
37°0950.3N 3°3403.9W (Active)
37.163972, -3.567761



SUNYATA | Granada 2014 (Spain) /
Video Recoding Date: 09TH – JUN – 2014/

Granada is a magical city in the south of Spain. There is a wonderful place in a top of a hill, near to the Alhambra castle and closed to the town cemetery. A great sight where some people goes to watch the sunset.

Śūnyatā | शून्यता 
It is a sanskrit word to express spaciousness. An space full, plenty, of emptiness.

Light is a bridge between two poles.
Light can take you to reality
It can be metaphor, and physical phenomenon both at same time…
Light can be wave and particle.

37°1018.4N 3°3501.6W (Erased)
37.171778, -3.583773




RIPPLES ON A POND | [In Collabo With Water] | Estanque LA MALAHÁ. 2014
This piece belongs to Positive Symmetric Vibes Series
Our Being is a lake reflecting the cosmos, The ripples are our thoughts.
37°0616.4N 3°4334.1W (Active – Damaged)
37.104561, -3.726129