I N D E F I N A B L E ~ 不定期

I N D E F I N A B L E ~ 不定期  | अपरिभाष्य
PSV@ PTS (Granada)
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乾 | Q I Á N | 天国

乾 | QIÁN | HEAVEN | 天国

Material and spiritual are not two things.
Physical is ephemeral. Intangible is permanent.
Material can be proyected, spiritual can be symbolized.

☰ 干 乾


37°0948.7N 3°3404.7W
37.163540, -3.567982

NEUROSIS & SILENCE (Street Action) | States of Mind Series


Neurosis & Silence (Street Action) | [States of Mind Series] | GRX 2014
– The Piece Evolves in 10 Steps –


Multidimensional Reality | 多次元現実

ORGANIC SYMMETRY [Day, Night,  Projection & Reflection Views]

Colegio Oficial de Aparejadores y Arquitectos Técnicos de Córdoba

37°5347.9N 4°4706.0W (Erased by Time)
37.896632, -4.784988