Dynamic State | 動的状態

Dynamic State | 動的状態
Hinojosa del Duque, CORDOBA. Andalusia
If there is no change, there is no transformation.
Sin cambio no hay transformación.

The only thing that does not change is death. (Stability)
Lo único estable es la muerte.

(Dynamic Stability Comin´Soon)
Estabilidad dinámica es El Eterno Retorno


I N D E F I N A B L E ~ 不定期

I N D E F I N A B L E ~ 不定期  | अपरिभाष्य
PSV@ PTS (Granada)
… Por Amor al Arte

Water, Metal & Light Paintings | Digital Watercolors Series

Water, Metal & Light Paintings | Digital Watercolors Series
[ Winter & Spring 2017 ]  Experimental photography

• Elements: Metal & Water 水, 金, 光
• Ruled by Venus

_This is a collection of  digital pictures, un published yet. This post is just a testimony of that activity.

▽○ 〜 山凵十三 ~ 宇宙振動  〜 ▽○
[From 2016 Fall to 2017 Summer] 

Relativism | 相対主義 | Anekāntavāda

Relativism | 相対主義 | Anekāntavāda


Reality has no Center.
Fragmentation creates the different points of view.

Abandoned House. Easy Access.
37°0950.3N 3°3403.9W (Active)
37.163972, -3.567761