I N D E F I N A B L E ~ 不定期

I N D E F I N A B L E ~ 不定期  | अपरिभाष्य
PSV@ PTS (Granada)
… Por Amor al Arte


反射 Reflections 幾點思考 | Rey Chico

光の余韻 | Rey Chico 王チコ |  (Granada 2016)

Location: Close to Puente de Aljibillo
37°10’44.9″N 3°35’17.5″W
37.179144, -3.588186

静けさ | S T I L L N E S S

静けさ | STILLNESS | Granada

Winter is the sleep of Nature
Why can not rest Earth?
At Equilibrium there is Tension. At Stability there is Stillness
∿ If there is no movement,
How can arise a center?

37°08’17.8″N 3°33’09.6″W
37.138289, -3.552673